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Orange Wall

Buying and Selling

Helping families buy, sell and update their homes is my passion. I believe when you love what you do, work becomes easy. And that's how it goes when you work with me. ​

I have nearly 20 years of corporate marketing experience, helping Fortune 100 brands connect to customers and drive revenue in the process. This experience give me an edge because I know that connecting to what buyers and sellers value is of the utmost importance. Driving value for customers in in my DNA.

I'm also a true advocate for my clients. With an MBA and years of experience negotiating for major brands, my clients are at ease knowing they have the right person in their court. 

If you’re looking to sell your current property or buy a new one, I'd be glad to help.

Baldwin Park Specialty 

My family has lived in Baldwin Park, Florida since the neighborhood began, almost 19 years ago. Since then, we've dug in our roots, with our closest friends and extended family residing in homes across this beautiful neighborhood. I have a special affection for Baldwin Park, and am well-versed in its history - including it's builders, floorplans, greens spaces, and many benefits of the HOA. I'm happy to help you buy, sell or renovate in Baldwin Park.

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Kate Porter, MBA

Licensed Realtor®



Kelly Price & Company

243 West Park Avenue 

Winter Park, Florida 32789

Office: 407.645.4321

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